hannah poolOne of the key words that The Power Of Water stands for-Play. I got to play in a kayak for my first time on Friday, during the winter! I never knew there were places to use kayaks during the winter months.

I am newly enjoying the lessons and fun that there is to be had all year long. I went to Brighton to play with a couple different kayaks in the high school pool. I learned and practiced safety on the water. After learning different things, like what to do when you capsize (flip over), I cannot imagine going out on the water without this knowledge. If I hadhkayak gone on a kayaking adventure without knowing how to properly and calmly deal with capsizing, I feel it would be very dangerous because I would be nervous and feel helpless. Practicing with the help of Trey(owner of The Power Of Water) I definitely feel much more confident for my next time on the water. I cannot wait for this summer to play and continue learning about kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddle boarding, or now that I think about it, I cannot wait to discover the actual power of water! I look forward to reading about everyone else’s experiences!
~ Hannah Easterle