Paddle School

Kayak 101


Kayak 101 is a great place to start your learning journey or get a refresher. This class is structured around the two essential questions every paddler needs to answer.

  1. Should I be out here paddling today and how do I know that?
  2. If yes to above, then do I have a solution for when things do not go as expected.

The course takes place both on dryland and on the water. 

Dry Land

   – Self assessment
   – Communication
  – Core concepts of paddling technique
  – Incident Management and Rescue Priorities

   Wind, water, weather and waves
  – Hazard identification and AVOIDANCE

  – Boat and Paddle design
  – PFDs
  – Clothing
– Throw ropes

On the Water

  • Boat handling basics
  • Rescue Strategies and Techniques
  • Incident debriefing

Contact us at if you’re interested in a Kayak 101 course and do not see one listed in our current courses. 

Fantastic learning in just one session. I was amazing at how much I was able to pick up form this course. The coaches were patient and helped me feel more confident getting on the water.

I took this course last year and I'm doing it again this year. I learned so much about rescues and getting comfortable in my boat.