Kayaking 101 Club Course

KAYAKING 101: The 2 questions ALL kayakers must answer

  1. Should I be out here paddling today and how do I know that?
  2. If yes to above, then do I have a solution for when things do not go as expected.

Kayaking is not like Power Boating. There is a very high probability that you or a partner WILL capsize at some point. You do not just hop out of your car and climb on the boat good to go. To have maximum FUN, we need to know how and why things happen ON and IN the water.

DRY LAND: 3 hours 9-12pm May 3, 2020 New dates, June 6, June 20, June 21

   – Self assessment
   – Communication
  – Core concepts of paddling technique
  – Incident Management and Rescue Priorities

   Wind, water, weather and waves
  – Hazard identification and AVOIDANCE

  – Boat and Paddle design
  – PFDs
  – Clothing
– Throw ropes

ON WATER: 3 hours 1-4 pm

  1. Boat handling basics
  2. Rescue Strategies and Techniques
  3. Incident debriefing

Kayaking 101 Dry Land Register Now
Kayaking 101 Dry Land 9-12 & On Water 1-4pm Register Now