Kayak rolling is on almost every paddler’s “want” list.  There’s not much about rolling a kayak that you will figure out on your own, so learning from a coach that can guide you through a progression is the fastest way to get a roll.

Our group rolling lessons are a great way to get started as you’ll have time to rest between one on one sessions with the coach and you’ll be able to learn from observing your fellow students.

We will find the roll best suited to your boat and body.  C to C, Sweep, and lay back are some of the options.

Rolling lessons at the pool start in late fall

Rolling lessons in Lansing (Lake Lansing or Crego Park)
Not Yet Scheduled

Rolling lessons are also offered as private instruction

From one of our rolling students:
” I just wanted to say thanks for your help with my kayak roll last Thursday.  One of the things you said on Thursday was that when you held my paddle there was hardly any pressure on it when I did my hip snap.  Once I got home I concentrated on being as light on the paddle as possible and basically rolling around it rather than a big pull on the paddle.  This helped immensely and I’m completing the roll successfully.”

Thanks again for your help.

Chris G.

underwater view of kayak roll