Kayak Rescues

Kayak Rescues 1 workshop – “How to get back in the  boat!”
 This is where you learn how to put yourself or someone else back in the boat after a capsize. We will work in all different types of kayaks with the focus being on open water scenarios. If you paddle, then you should know how to handle these situations. And, no…watching a video on You Tube does not count! Guarantee you will look forward to practicing these rescues after this class, it is fun and makes you a safer member of the paddling community. 3 hours. $75.00

Kayak Rescues 2
You will get wet! So now what? Learn how to put yourself back in your boat and the rest of the group back in theirs. If you paddle a kayak this is a MUST skill. You will learn safe and effective techniques that anyone…regardless of body type, age or strength…can master. We will have “conditions” to take it up a notch.
Venue – Lake Lansing