Sea Kayak Trips scouting Horn Head in Ireland

Sea Kayak Trips

All our adventure sea kayak trips are built around our core philosophy of developing independent paddlers.  If you want to build your skills in real life conditions you’ll find that adventure trips are the best way to do it.  You can’t beat multiple days of coaching in real world environments to accelerate your pace of learning.

Each trip begins with a group discussion of goals and aspirations.  The first day on the water is typically a warm up  and skills benchmarking day.  The remainder of the trip will take best advantage of the environment we have.  Sometimes that means looking for some rougher conditions and sometimes it means finding a place to shelter from conditions.  Each of the adventure trip destinations we have chosen offer a range of paddling environments so we can almost always find the optimal conditions for the group.

Travel Trips:
Deception Pass and the Salish Sea
Tybee Island Ocean Skills Week
Florida Sea Kayaking Skills Course
Ireland Ocean Skills Trip
Rhode Island Ocean Skills Week

Michigan Weekend Kayak Trips:
Straits of Mackinac Adventure Weekend


Maximum learning
Very low student to coach ratios
Great food
Connect with new paddling friends
Fly in/fly out options

sea kayak trips to florida surf

Skill Development

Boat handling in conditions
Paddling in current
Group management strategies
Self rescues
Group rescues