February 15th – 22nd, 2025 | Matanzas Inlet, FL | $1,495


Build your skills in real-life conditions with multiple days of low-ratio coaching. Based in Summer Haven there are opportunities for a variety of skill development. The area provides bumpy conditions, moving water, current, and miles of surfing beaches. 


Our low student-coach ratios allow us to embrace the environment offering challenges that are accessible and fun. Some skills we might focus on include, boat handling in conditions, tide race paddling, surfing, core stroke refinement, and rescues.

February 15th – 22nd | $1,495 | Register

The Matanzas River provides protected conditions while the Matanzas Inlet provides bumpy conditions with moving water and surf beaches. ACA Level 3 or 4 Skills Assessment can be included on this trip. Contact us at info@thepowerofwater.net if you’d be interested in an ACA assessment.

Double occupancy lodging, breakfast, lunches and some dinners will be provided.  Boat transportation can be arranged for an additional cost.

Call or email to register

What to Expect

The trip will begin with a group discussion of goals and aspirations and day one on the water is typically a warm-up and skills benchmarking day.  The remainder of the trip will take the best advantage of the environment.  As with all our trips, we do not have a strict agenda we follow but rather aim to be responsive to paddlers’ desired outcomes, learning progressions, and the environment. The great part of this location is that there are options so we are typically able to meet multiple challenge levels. We have options to put in on the Matanzas River by Rattle Snake Island. There are protected ponds we can use to develop flat water skills. In addition to current play and navigating paddling under the bridge there is an option to paddle up to Fort Matanzas and around Rattle Snake Island. We often are fortunate enough to see dolphins, bald eagles, sea turtles, and others.  The north and south beaches around the inlet allow for the developing of surf skills and current play.

Arrive Saturday to our rental home. Sunday – Friday consists of coaching day trips based on weather and group desires. Depart Friday evening or Saturday morning. Breakfast at the house will be provided Sunday – Friday morning. Lunch supplies will be provided for you to pack and bring on the water. Home-cooked dinners are included 3 of the nights. Other dinners are on your own.

Kayak transportation from Lansing, MI is available for an additional cost.

As the trip gets closer keep an eye out for an email with more specifics and a waiver. Any questions can be sent to info@thepowerofwater.net

Check out our Youtube channel for videos from previous years.

ACA Assessment

We can include an ACA Level 3 or 4 Skills Assessment with prior discussion. Please reach out to info@thepowerofwater.net. 

Florida FAQ's

Reach out with specific questions to info@thepowerofwater.net. Below are common answers to questions organized by topic.

Food: We strive for local and organic as much as possible. We provide lunch supplies, and breakfast Sunday – Friday. TPOW covers three dinners and the other nights you can go out or cook in the house. Drinks and snacks are on your own.

Transport and Gear: If you fly in, Jacksonville is the closest airport. We’ll send out an email once the trip is full so people can coordinate rides or share car rentals.  TPOW can transport your gear/boat for an additional fee.  TPOW also offers gear and boat rentals for an additional fee.

Solo Traveler: Our groups are often made up of a diverse representation of age, gender, and experience. Some people travel with friends or partners and others come alone. No matter how you arrive we are a connected community on and off the water.

Coaching: Our coaches are ACA-certified and work diligently to foster learning sessions that are centered on YOU and your TEAM goals for the day.  We strive to be pliable and flexible adapting to the environment and the group’s needs. As a team, we build the week’s big-picture goals, and each day we discuss and make a plan for desired outcomes. In addition to the core TPOW coaches we often partner with other coaches in our community on our trips.

Lodging: double occupancy rooms within a rental home. Each home will have access to a kitchen, and most have laundry available.

Odds and ends: 6 days on the water can be a challenge, you are always welcome and encouraged to take a day off throughout the week.

Conditions: With most of kayaking . . . it depends. The great thing about this location is that we have OPTIONS!  While the inlet provides unique current play and surf options to the north or the south. We also have the Matanzas River and lagoons providing protected waterways.  Each day we’ll check the conditions and determine the plan. We invite each participant to be part of this process. 

"I just want to go somewhere with Palm Trees"

– Ralph, inception of our FL trip

"This trip helped connect pieces for me that usually takes me months to figure out. I feel more connected to my boat and in better control"

"Nothing can beat the consecutive coaching and boat time when it comes to seeing improvements in my skills"

"This is one of my favorite trips and I can'

Come join us for this amazing opportunity.

"I started the week nervous and ended with confidence and connection. I made friends with the waves"

Come join us for this amazing opportunity.

"I got so much more out of this trip than I could have imagined"

I had no idea what to expect but I got so much more out of this trip than I could have imagined. The coaching was incredible and the way each day was organized so that every person was met with challenges and opportunities to learn regardless of level.

"I felt supported and grew"

This trip left me feeling confident and more at ease on the water. I am leaving with the knowledge that I belong and that I can paddle! I’m excited to continue to take what I’ve been exposed to and build on it.

"I felt connected to the water"

I loved learning from the coaches. Loved learning tips for surfing and practice hlped me relax and therefore better perform. I felt connected to the water.