Learn the essential skills to keep yourself and your friends safe on the river.  Much of what helps us be safer on the river is not intuitive, in fact we are hard wired to NOT do the right thing.  Practicing safe techniques is the best way to ensure you will respond correctly when you find yourself in an unplanned out-of-boat experience.

River Rescue
June 4th 2023 10am – 3:00pm | $125.00 Register Now
Ann Arbor 

Topics include:

River safety strategies (don’t get into trouble in the first place)
Hazard identification (don’t go over there)
Self rescue (fix it yourself, if you can)
Offensive and defensive swimming (There’s a time to be passive, and a time to be aggressive, know the difference)
Gear management (Has anyone seen my paddle?)
Safely dealing with strainers (Avoidance is best but here’s what to do if you just can’t miss it)

Class meets at the Delhi Metropark near Ann Arbor (parking fee may apply if you don’t have a Metroparks pass), the Rogue River in Rockford, depending on water levels.

throw bag river rescue