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“We are so very pleased to see Trey open The Power of Water! We have never met anyone so committed to safe paddling and doing the right thing on the water! When we first bought kayaks, Trey took us out on his own time to help us learn the essentials of safe paddling. We also quickly learned that his suggestions and recommendations were always completely forthright on everything from where we should (and shouldn’t) paddle, to the best boat and equipment to purchase for our needs; he is a man of integrity. Since that time we’ve paddled with him often, and have become great friends and continue to learn from him. This is the place to buy your boat and gear!”-Eric Johnson & Valerie Duvall Johnson

“I’m not sure what happened but all Kim could do on the way home was to say…..‘you know, we can really do this. I didn’t think I was going to like whitewater and I thought it was going to be too difficult for me but I think I really like it’. This from someone who said she was content just paddling around some lakes and would just watch me if I ventured into the tougher stuff!  So thanks again for introducing her to the tougher stuff so easily so she wasn’t afraid of it.” – Jim & Kim