Top Tips for Choosing the Right Kayak Paddle

Top Tips for choosing the right kayak paddle

The most important decision you have to make after choosing a kayak is what paddle to get that best compliments your new boat.

1. Spend as much as possible to get the lightest and strongest paddle possible. 3 ounces may not sound like a lot until you’ve done 1000 strokes times 3 ounces!

2. Decide between low or high angle style.  Low for poking around and high for efficiency.

3. If you’ll be putting in some miles, go with a smaller blade area; if you’ll be doing  a lot of starting, stopping and maneuvering, go for a bigger blade.

4. The trend is towards shorter paddles.  For sea kayak, if you’re using something longer than 215cm, you’ll want to try something shorter.