trey roussWater is transforming. Beautiful. Intimidating. Clear. Distorted. Exhilarating. Ominous. A release. An escape. And a sanctuary. Life. Water is and so am I.

My first real memory of THE POWER OF WATER was at ten, eleven years old. We were camping at a beach in Last Chance Bay on Lake Powell. My dad ran trips up there and always brought me along. Twenty five to thirty adults, ten power boats, four pleasure cruisers, a giant barge and me. Oh yes, and an inflatable Sevylor kayak! For ten days straight as the afternoon “adult” festivities ramped up, I would head out into the nooks and crannies of the cove in my kayak and fish. All alone. On my own. Free.

There was nothing like it. Not waterskiing or tubing or driving the big boats. Nothing. The water is crystal clear on Lake Powell, yet it is filled by the silt and sediment laden waters of the Colorado and Escalante rivers. How is that possible? You can see down forty feet and watch the fish play. You get lost for hours in the rocks and the crazy sandstone formations. Just me… all alone… floating in the sky. I am there right now, almost forty years later. That is THE POWER OF WATER.
– Trey Rouss