Please join us in embarking on our next adventure: Developing and offering online learning opportunities. Those of you who know us, know that we do not take learning and teaching lightly, even though we make it positive, creative and fun. Our goal is to provide unique learning experiences that have value to all paddlers.

Our first offering is a 3 night live webinar: Weather Forecasting in the Great Lakes. This event is hosted by Mark Thornton and will provide the foundation for understanding the why and how of predicting and interpreting our weather. This means you get to make better decisions on where, when and IF to go paddle.

We are also near completion on a Foundations of Paddlesport interactive, online course. In this course you will learn how to teach YOURSELF how to build a solid foundation in paddling and to answer the 2 most important questions for all paddlers. Stay tuned….

Register soon for the Weather Forecasting course as it has limited enrollment. See below for details. If you cannot attend the live portion, you will be provided recordings of all 3 nights as they occur.

Feel free to share the link or tell a friend.

weather forecasting course flyer