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Our Story

The idea for The Power of Water was to create a space where the power of water can be shared with as many people as possible.

Water is transforming.

Being on the water with a paddle in hand, is both relaxing and energizing, rewarding and challenging, chaotic and serene, fun and humbling. The quality of your experience is personal. By all of us sharing our skills and adventures, we can really grow the paddling community. That means getting those who would not even think of a paddle through town, out on the water. Once they see and feel the river, their minds cannot help but to be opened to what we already know.

More people experiencing the water in a positive way directly translates into more people making a difference. So come out and share with us, play with us and help us to protect the power of water.

Lake Powell paddleboarding


Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard

Lake Powell paddleboarding

The Power of Water, Michigan’s leading multi-discipline paddling school is based out of our retail store in downtown Lansing, MI. We are located on the Grand River with easy access to the river for demoing sea kayaks, whitewater kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards (SUP). We are proud to meet your paddlesport needs. You can find new and used boats and boards, paddle gear, and accessories. We also offer repairs on both boats and gear.

420 E Saginaw St, Lansing, MI 48906

Open Tuesday & Wednesday 12:00 – 6:00 or by appointment


Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard

Lake Powell paddleboarding

Our multi-discipline paddling school is based out of our retail store in downtown Lansing, MI. We offer professional coaching in both private and group settings for kayak, canoe and SUP instruction. Our course progressions help you embrace your learning goals while having fun. As part of our school we offer American Canoe Association (ACA) courses and assessments for both skills and instructors.  Join us for our stand-alone classes, pool sessions in the winter or come on a multi-day adventure coached trip. 



Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard

narrows of the cheat river kayaking

Trips are built around our core philosophy of developing independent paddlers who are responsible to eachother. Build your skills and accelerate your learning in real-life conditions with multiple days of coaching. We offer Sea Kayaking, Whitewater kayaking, and SUP adventure learning trips. Each of the destinations offers a range of paddling environments so we can choose the optimal conditions for the group. 


"This place changed my life"

No Better Instruction

“I honestly believe that you couldn’t get better instruction and service from any other kayak shop in the world! Not only has Trey been honored for his abilities, he frequently has guest instructors attend his events that are equally honored and considered the best! 

"The coaching is so purposeful and impactful. I've paddled for years but learned so much I never knew I didn't know."

"Love the community"

Trey is a great coach and these events include many other wonderful coaches. I have developed many wonderful friendships and I love the community. Sea kayaking has been a great learning
experience for me and more importantly super fun!

"It's better than everything!"

"Trey creates an environment where we are held by each other. I always feel cared for and the whole group is able to support me by giving advice and encouragement. "

"TPOW will meet you where you are"

I have been to TPOW ocean skills workshops in Georgia and Florida and have enjoyed them thoroughly. When I went to my first such event I was very much a rookie to the world of sea kayaking. Care is taken to match each student to an environment and skills curriculum that is safe for them, that will advance their skills, and which they will enjoy. TPOW will meet you where you are, in terms of your existing skills and equipment, and strive to build you up from there. “Challenge by choice” is always in force – you will not be hustled into any situation you are seriously not happy about. The teaching skills of TPOW staff are high. You will be exposed to effective and innovative techniques, and be encouraged to grow your kayaking abilities at a pace you dictate. You will paddle in a group of paddlers matching your abilities, so you will experience the fun of learning together and supporting each other on the water. The group camaraderie on one of these events is always high, and welcoming of all newcomers. You will make friends.The fun and learning continues in the evening after paddling.

"It’s fun and fulfilling"

We come as we are; we learn something new everyday-challenge by choice. We learn something from watching everyone in the group. The ocean is beautiful. No one is shy if they need a day off. Being on the water seems to magically put peace and laughter into each of us. It’s fun and fulfilling. No one is in it alone. We all pitch in to make mornings and evenings, ie breakfast and dinner, a joy.

I cannot relate to you how positive I felt after the class on the way home. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me as well as the exercises. Much appreciated.

The staff is amazing. Very knowledgeable. The kayaks are great. Classes are incredible!

They'll take care of all your paddling needs, give honest advice and recommendations

I can’t stress enough what a wonderful place this is! They will take care of all your paddling needs, give honest advice and recommendations, and point you in the direction of resources and equipment even if they don’t offer it themselves. I bought my kayak from them and will definitely pop back in if I ever need anything else, oh and they also do river trips and lessons!



One couple in our community approached us with the desire to pay it forward by anonymously donating a TPOW trip. They had experienced transformational change through YOU and TPOW. Now they want to give back in creating a path for others who may not be able to see the line, to encounter not just the sport, but the community and coaching. Guided by their vision to pay it forward, we have set up the Share the Experience Fund.  Our goal is to provide access to learning experiences for those who might not take that step on their own.

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