Joe Ellis SurfingAs far back as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to bodies of water.  Whether it is a small backwoods pond, a trout stream, a rapid river, an inland lake, a Great Lake, or the Pacific Ocean – the Power Of Water is undeniable.

My first vivid memories on the water come from about 1982 (5 years old) on Gun Lake in West Michigan.  In the old school paddle boat or in the aluminum canoe we (siblings, cousins, friends) would explore the shoreline looking for fishing holes with our Zebco rod’s, night crawlers, and a few artificial lures.  It didn’t matter if it was small pan fish, or trophy Northern Pike…we went after it!  At dawn and dusk nearly every day, we made our way up and down the shoreline on an adventure.  Getting on the water at 6 AM before any wind kicked up and boats made waves, there was something awesome and powerful about that perfect glass so clear that you could watch birds fly overhead without actually looking up.  After many years and hours logged in the canoe and paddle boat on those shorelines on Gun Lake, I appreciate that same tranquility and power to this very day.  Today though, it’s on a SUP with a Sage fly rod.  Still enjoying even more-so essentially what I have been doing for 30 years now.  The best part about it – I’m now able to experience that with my son.  I’ll observe closely and enthusiastically as The Power Of Water moves him like it moved me.

Next came the Pacific.  All I can say is it isn’t possible to paddle out past the break and NOT experience the Power Of Water.  Watch the cult-classic film ‘Point Break’ for all the super cheesy cliche that describes it…and some great acting to boot (HA!!).  To date, I’ve experienced Trestles in San Clemente CA, the Kaanapali Coast on Maui (Honeymoon), and the North Shore on Oahu (Honeymoon).  Next on my hit list is the gnarly coast of Northern California, because when the Power Of Water from The Pacific Ocean hits you, it’s the perfect balance of pleasure and pain…or like being extremely nervous and extremely aroused at the very same time.

Joe Ellis Dock SunsetI urge everyone living in Michigan to explore our incredible State to the best of your ability from North to South, East to West.  Discover Michigan’s transcendental GREAT Lakes.  Experience our historic rivers.  Embrace our mystical inland lakes.  And for the love of “whatever floats your boat”, feel The Power Of Water!


Joe Ellis