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Kayak Pool Session Howell

The Howell pool is closed indefinitely.  We are working on pool sessions in East Lansing and Eaton Rapids. Both are contingent on removal of Covid restrictions


Join us for some warm water kayak pool sessions this winter.  We have formal coaching available for whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, and rolling as well as Open Pool time to practice and play on your own. Don’t lose your edge over the winter, stay sharp in the pool.  We have pool sessions in Howell and Pool Sessions in Eaton Rapids

Pool sessions include:
Whitewater Kayaking Essentials- 4 pool sessions plus a river trip
Happiness Upside Down
– being chill while hanging upside down is critical to every other paddling skill
Rolling – Rolling is the last line of defense before needing a rescue
Boat Control – go where you want to go with grace and efficiency
30 Second Sea Kayak Rescue – back in a dry boat in 30 seconds or less

Create your own multi-session course!

Suggested progression for lake paddlers:
Happiness Upside Down
Boat Control
30 Second Sea Kayak Rescue

Howell Pool Saturdays 4:00-6:00 pm
Move-in begins at 3:30

Open Pool Season Pass.
The Season Pass is by far the best way to enjoy the benefits of winter pool time.  The Season Pass allows you to come to all of the Saturday afternoon pool sessions AND gives you a 50% discount off coaching at the pool!  The season consists of 15 scheduled sessions from December through April and is $250.00 to the paddling public and $125.00 for current ACA or BCU certified coaches.  You only need to attend 9 of the 15 sessions for the season pass to pay for itself, almost a 45% discount off the daily rate!  There are a limited number of Season Passes available, don’t wait!

Whitewater Kayaking Essentials
$250.00 or 50% off for Season Pass Holders

4 sessions covering everything you need to know to get started in the exciting world of whitewater kayaking plus a day on the river when things warm up

Happiness Upside Down
$50.00 or 50% off for Season Pass Holders 

If you are going to learn to roll or even be relaxed about putting your boat on edge, being comfortable being upside down in your boat is essential.  We’ve developed a great progression to get you feeling relaxed and unconcerned about being upside down in your kayak.  We will move along the progression at a rate that makes you comfortable.   Once you’re happy capsizing and hanging out there for a few seconds, you’ll be in the best place to learn the roll


Rolling Lessons
$50.00 or 50% off for Season Pass Holders
Kayak rolling is on almost every paddler’s “want” list.  There’s not much about rolling a kayak that you will figure out on your own, so learning from a coach that can guide you through a progression is the fastest way to get a roll. Our semi-private rolling lessons are a great way to get started as you’ll have time to rest between one on one sessions with the coach and you’ll be able to learn from observing your fellow student.



30 Second Sea Kayak Rescue
$50.00 or 50% off for Season Pass Holders
Can you get someone back into a dry sea kayak in under 30 seconds?  If not, let us help you become safer, faster and more efficient in assisted rescues.


Boat Control – Strokes and Maneuvers
$50.00 or 50% off for Season Pass Holders.
Fine tune your boat control and maneuvers with precision and grace.  We’ll explore a range of skills to help you go where you want to go.


Open Pool sessions
$30 with your own boat (free to Season Pass Holders)