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Pool Sessions


Escape the cold this winter and join us for a pool session.  Don’t lose your edge over the winter, stay sharp in the pool. 

Eaton Rapids: Saturdays 1pm – 3pm



 The Season Pass gives you a 50% discount off coaching at the pool and allows you to come to all pool sessions in both Eaton Rapids and Howell.  The season consists of 14 scheduled sessions in Howell and 7 sessions in Eaton Rapids from December through April.  There are a limited number of Season Passes available. Each pass is $325.




We have formal coaching available for whitewater kayaking and sea kayaking as well as open pool time to practice and play on your own. Choose from one of our lessons, Happiness Upside down, Blade Awareness/Boat Control, Self Rescues/Bracing, and Rolling then pick the date that works for you.   Eaton Rapid sessions are Saturdays from 1pm – 3pm. Contact us with any questions.

Eaton Rapids

All lessons are $60 or 50% off with the season pass. To register select the date under the lesson and follow the registration steps.

Suggested progression for lessons: Happiness Upside Down, Blade Awareness / Boat Control, Rescue/ Bracing, Rolling.

Happiness Upside Down | $60

Being chill while hanging upside down is critical to every other paddling skill.  We’ve developed a great progression to get you feeling relaxed and unconcerned about being upside down in your kayak.  We will move along the progression at a rate that makes you comfortable.   Once you’re happy capsizing and hanging out there for a few seconds, you’ll be in the best place to learn the roll.

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surfing the wave at swimmers rapid

Self Rescue / Bracing | $60

The self-rescue is essential to being an independent paddler. We will work on safely and efficiently getting you back in your boat.  Not tipping over is almost always better than capsizing.  Bracing also is a component skill to learning to roll a kayak.  We’ll cover the essentials of connectivity with the boat, safe body positions, effective blade technique and putting it all together to stay upright.  .

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Blade Awareness / Boat Control | $60

Fine-tune your boat control and maneuvers with precision and grace.  We’ll explore a range of skills to help you go where you want to go.

Done for the season. Contact us for more information or check our available sessions at Howell. 

Rolling | $60

Structured rolling instruction is available at each pool session this season. Kayak rolling is on almost every paddler’s “want” list.  There’s not much about rolling a kayak that you will figure out on your own, so learning from a coach that can guide you through a progression is the fastest way to get a roll. Our semi-private rolling lessons are a great way to get started as you’ll have time to rest between one on one sessions with the coach and you’ll be able to learn from observing your fellow student.

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Open Pool | $35

Have your own boat, gear, and a plan to play? Come and use the pool space without a lesson. This is free to all season pass holders.

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