Share Your Experience with the power of water

Share Your Experience

The idea for The Power of Water was to create a space where the power of water can be shared with as many people as possible. It has been an honor to witness countless people encounter water and be changed. For some it’s their first time for others it’s building on prior experiences. People have grown and be changed not just as paddlers but as people too. 

We want to highlight the transforming power in the the lives of our community. Some of these stories directly involve our business and community and others span far beyond our programming.  This is a space for you to share your experience with water. What is your story?  

You can submit your own story in a format of your choosing (video, audio or written) through the button or by emailing


Our Power of Water Stories

Share | Gary Van Valkenburgh

I grew up in somewhat rural Michigan, learned to swim and went canoeing a few times, but I always wanted learn to whitewater kayak. So, one day on the well-meaning advice of other people I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought myself a “nice kayak”, paddle and pfd....

Share | Tara Fairty

One of my earliest memories is sitting on one of my parent’s laps in their boat as we paddled around lakes, rivers, and on the ocean. While they ran courses and lessons I was mesmerized by the water.  I remember the drops of water falling from the paddle shaft onto my...

Joe Ellis–My Power of Water Story

As far back as I can remember, I've been drawn to bodies of water.  Whether it is a small backwoods pond, a trout stream, a rapid river, an inland lake, a Great Lake, or the Pacific Ocean - the Power Of Water is undeniable. My first vivid memories on the water come...

Trey Rouss–My Power of Water Story

Water is transforming. Beautiful. Intimidating. Clear. Distorted. Exhilarating. Ominous. A release. An escape. And a sanctuary. Life. Water is and so am I. My first real memory of THE POWER OF WATER was at ten, eleven years old. We were camping at a beach in Last...

Jacob Korrey — My Power Of Water Story

Jacob Korrey's Power Of Water Story is a video!     Jacob Korrey My Power of water Story

Hannah Easterle–My Power Of Water Story

One of the key words that The Power Of Water stands for-Play. I got to play in a kayak for my first time on Friday, during the winter! I never knew there were places to use kayaks during the winter months. I am newly enjoying the lessons and fun that there is to be...

Doris Landry-Kruse–My Power Of Water Story

On an early Tuesday morning in May of 2013 the sky was ominous but we were eager to paddle. The radar indicated we would be rain free for the day on the Little Muskegon River.  Unfortunately we didn't check to see if the night's rain filled the river.  It looked high...

Scott Fairty–My Power Of Water Story

My First Encounter with The Power Of Water I signed up for a whitewater kayaking pool course at the local YMCA in the winter of 1981.  The course covered the basics of boat control and eskimo rolling over the course of several weeks.  The course included an optional...

Read more about our Share the Experience Fund. Driven by those in our community who wanted to pay it forward and share the impact TPOW and the community has had in their own lives. This fund is a new creation and we are excited to see how it evolves.