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What is your story of The Power Of Water?  We want to know how the power of water has had an influence on your life.  Share how it makes you feel, what you’ve learned along the way and dreams you have for your future experiencing The Power Of Water.

Please submit your story via email to:  Submissions can be any length but may be edited prior to publication.  Please let us know if you would like your full name used and include a link to your blog if you would like folks to connect with you.  Feel free to include photos with your Power Of Water story.


trey rouss

Trey Rouss (our founder)



Joe Ellis SurfingJoe Ellis




Scott Fairtyscott fairty your story of the power of water


Doris Landry-Kruse your story of the power of waterDoris Landry-Kruse




hannah easterle your story of the power of waterHannah Easterle


jacob korrey your story of the power of water


Jacob Korrey