Soo Locks

Canceled due to locks being closed


Our focus will be on boat handling and rescues in current, developing the skills needed to paddle in the tidal conditions of the ocean but right here at home. We will take advantage of the unique environment with a paddle through the Soo Locks and develop skills and rescue solutions in current on the St. Mary’s River. There is also opportunity for navigational challenges. 

3 kayakers and freighter

2024 canceled

The Soo Locks are an incredible connection between Lakes Superior and Huron. The locks operate by raising and lowering boats between the levels of Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes using a series of gates and chambers. Water and boats are moved solely by the force of gravity. The Soo Locks date back to the mid-1800s. Having the opportunity to experience this magnificent feat of engineering from the kayak is truly unique. 

The entire area offers a rich history and unique environmental challenges that help foster skill development. 

What to Expect

Lodging and food are on your own. 

As the trip gets closer keep an eye out for an email with more specifics and a waiver.  We will also have an optional zoom meeting prior to the trip. Any questions can be sent to


"Amazing opporunitiy to work on dynamic water and play with current"